Follow your passion. Hanneke Gudden took this advice to heart and now makes a living out of performing, making and teaching music. Today Hanneke is mainly focusing on songwriting and singing. Exclusively signed to Cloud 9 Music Publishing, she's working for/with other artists and for her own act 'Ava Silver'.

It all started out with singing along with the latest hits. An unstoppable urge to learn how the big artists hit those notes. She started taking singing lessons when she was 13 years old and she joined a musical course on saturdays. After that the study 'music theatre' at the conservatory followed. There Hanneke found out singing was always her main strength and interest, and so was pop music. When Hanneke recorded her first songs in 2008, there was no way back. It felt magical hearing the songs come to life. She also started singing and writing with a jazzy funkband that year. So she auditioned to study 'vocals' at the Rockacademie and proceeded her journey there.
After exploring different styles of music during her study, her music became influenced more and more by electronic music. So she started Ava Silver, a solo electronic indiepop project. As a DIY artist she has grown a lot in many different aspects.
At the Rockacademie she also started working with some talented producers like Daniel Ortgiess (from We Are Loud) and Tom Maas (from Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap). This is when her first electronic tracks were written. Today she collaborates with different producers and artists, mainly in genres related to dance, popmusic and a little r&b/hiphop. She's working with artists from all over the world.


Performing at radio station 3FM (2013)

Ruben Hein

Supporting artist Ruben Hein (2014)

Alain Clark

Playing the aftershow of Alain Clark (2014)

Woo Hah

Performing at hip hop festival Woo Hah with Tom Maas (2015)